TV Spot "Terra Canis" 2023
Doggy Telegraph Magazine 2022
Familienbetrieb, Brand Consulting, Creation
Art Photography
Terra Canis Production Film 2022
Fotoshooting Produktionstrio
Production Imagespot Terra Canis
Brand Building Terra Felis
Terra Canis Image-Campaign 2021
Terra Canis Kunden-Feedback Spot
Funkspot "Terra Canis" 2020
Fotoshoot Isabella, 2020
Doggy Telegraph 1/2020
Terra Canis Campaign, International Dog Day
Spiolto Respimat Trailer
Fotoshoot Metzgermeister, Terra Canis
Trailer Zara & Zoe, Droemer Knaur
"Another MIle" Music video
TC Campaign "Lieblingswurst"
Buchtrailer "Andreas Föhr"
Vet Telegraph 2/2018
Terra Canis BARF Campaign (Luerzer's)
Food Photography "Dog's Kitchen", Hanna Stephan
Wedding Photography, Oct 2017
Online Trailer "David",Judith Taschler (Director's Cut)
"Doggy Telegraph" Terra Canis Magazine 2/2017
Food Photography Dog's Kitchen
Business Portraits Foster Fore
Imagefilm/Messefilm Rohde
ELS Campaign, ROHDE GmbH 2017
Online Trailer "Himmelhorn", Klüpfel Kobr.
Klüpfer, Kobr Interview
Terra Canis Campaign, Lürzers Archive
Trailer Katzenbach "Die Grausamen"
The Vet Telgraph, magazine
Nico Sings Country – lead vocalist/musician
Online Trailer "Der Psychiater"
The Doggy (Kitty / Vet) Telegraph, Magazine
Spot "Jodie PIcoult"
Online Spot "Tapper Twins", 2016
TV Spot "Endlich was Gutes" (Luerzer's)
Photoshoot "Office Dogs"
Terra Canis Xmas Rezept, 2015
Product Photography Terra Canis, 2015
Imagefilm Terra Canis, 2012
Raab Karcher Campaign
Oddset Campaign
"Rolling Stone Magazine" Campaign
Bayern 3 Campaign
Media Markt Campaigns
Print Campaigns Piper Verlag
Online Spot Wildfire, 2009
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